Cataloged books (Erica) RSS feed for public list Cataloged books (Erica) A concise economic history of Britain : by Court, W. H. B. A history of Marxian economics : by Howard, Michael Charles, A new approach to economic integration / by Alampiev, P. M. A science in its youth : by Anikin, Andreĭ Vladimirovich, A short history of socialist economic thought / by Hardach, Gerd, An economic history of Western Europe : by Postan, M. M. Apologists for monopoly / Approaches to American economic history / Atomic energy and society : by Allen, James S. Billionaire corporations : Capital formation in the Industrial Revolution / by Crouzet, François, Capitalism : by Silk, Leonard Solomon, Capitalism and imperialism : by Zeitlin, Irving M. Capitalism and progress / by Rochester, Anna Capitalism in Amsterdam in the 17th century / by Barbour, Violet, Categories and laws of the political economy of communism / by Rumi︠a︡nt︠s︡ev, A. M. Classical economics reconsidered / by Sowell, Thomas, Decline of the dollar : by Mandel, Ernest Dependent accumulation and underdevelopment / by Frank, Andre Gunder, Development planning / by Tinbergen, Jan, Economic growth and recessions in the USA / by Molnár, Ferenc, Economic heresies : by Robinson, Joan, Economic integration : by Kuznet︠s︡ov, V. I. Economic rhythm : by Wagemann, Ernst, Economics : by Mermelstein, David, Economics : by Hunt, E. K., Economics of peace and war : by Eaton, John, Exploring contradictions : Finance capital : by Hilferding, Rudolf, Frenzied finance : by Lawson, Thomas William, General crisis of capitalism and devaluations, inflation, monetary crisis / by Reddy, G. Yallamanda, Has capitalism changed? : by Tsuru, Shigeto, Hunger and work : by Kuczynski, Jürgen, International big business, by Rowthorn, Robert, International Economic Conference in Moscow : Keynesian kaleidics : by Shackle, G. L. S. Labour conditions in western Europe : by Kuczynski, Jürgen. Man, society and the future / by Strumilin, S. G. Marx and modern economics / by Horowitz, David, Millionaires and managers / by Menʹshikov, S. M. Modern capitalism : by Shonfield, Andrew, Modern capitalism and other essays / by Sweezy, Paul M. Modern economic problems in historical perspective / by Dowd, Douglas F. National defense and southern California, New fashions in wage theory : by Kuczynski, Jürgen, Oil and class struggle / On the economic theory of socialism : by Lange, Oskar, Pentagon capitalism : by Melman, Seymour. People's capitalism : by Budish, J. M. Political economy : by Lange, Oskar, Political economy and capitalism : by Dobb, Maurice, Population / by Bowen, Ian, Primary commodities in international trade / by Rowe, J. W. F. Primitive money : by Einzig, Paul, Production of commodities by means of commodities : by Sraffa, Piero, Prolegomena to relativity economics : by Souter, Ralph William, Prophets of order : by Stabile, Donald. Racial inequality : by Reich, Michael, Rich lands and poor : by Myrdal, Gunnar, Rising from the ashes? : Risk, uncertainty and profit / by Knight, Frank H. Say's law : by Sowell, Thomas, Small farmers, big business : by Glover, David, Smith, Marx, & after : by Meek, Ronald L., Socialist economics : by Nove, Alec, Soviet views on the post-war world economy : by Gruliow, Leo, Specialisation and co-operation of the socialist economies / by Kormnov, I︠U︡. F. Stagnation and the financial explosion / by Magdoff, Harry, The advanced capitalist system : by Turgeon, Lynn, The American oil industry : The Cambridge economic history of Europe : The Cambridge economic history of Europe : The Cambridge economic history of Europe : The Cambridge economic history of Europe : The Cambridge economic history of Europe : The Cambridge economic history of Europe : The Cambridge economic history of Europe : The Cambridge economic history of Europe; The case against free trade : The classical economists and economic policy / by Coats, A. W. The debt trap : by Payer, Cheryl, The downfall of the gold standard / by Cassel, Gustav, The economics of the developing countries / by Myint, Hla, The empire of oil / by O'Connor, Harvey, The end of prosperity : by Magdoff, Harry, The energy cartel : by Medvin, Norman. The evolution of property : by Lafargue, Paul, The existential/activist painter : by Kuspit, Donald B. The fat years and the lean / by Minton, Bruce, The first industrial revolution / by Deane, Phyllis, The geopolitics of hunger / by de Castro, Josué, The global debt crisis : by Makin, John H., The great ascent : by Heilbroner, Robert L. The guaranteed income : by Theobald, Robert, The hollow colossus / by Andrews, Charles, The income 'revolution' / by Perlo, Victor The industrial revolution / by Toynbee, Arnold, The intelligent man's guide through world chaos / by Cole, G. D. H. The international debt crisis of the Third World : by Nunnenkamp, Peter. The joyless economy : by Scitovsky, Tibor, The limits of American capitalism / by Heilbroner, Robert L. The making of economic society / by Heilbroner, Robert L. The overburdened economy : by Dumas, Lloyd J. The overseas expansion of capital : by Gromyko, Andreĭ Andreevich, The philosophy of economics : by Hausman, Daniel M., The present as history : by Sweezy, Paul M. The road to serfdom / by Hayek, Friedrich A. von The robber barons : by Josephson, Matthew, The social security program in the United States / by Schottland, Charles I. The story of Wall Street / by Warshow, Robert Irving, The theory of economic development : by Schumpeter, Joseph A., The twisted dream : by Dowd, Douglas F. The visible hand : by Sirkin, Gerald, Theories of poverty and underemployment : by Gordon, David M. Theory of economic dynamics : by Kalecki, Michał, Trends in American capitalism : Triumph of the market : by Herman, Edward S. Two systems : by Varga, Eugen, U.S. power and the multinational corporation : by Gilpin, Robert. Urban economics : by Grieson, Ronald E., Value and crisis : by Itō, Makoto, Wages / by Dobb, Maurice, We almost lost Detroit / by Fuller, John G. Why farmers are poor : by Rochester, Anna, Working people under state-monopoly capitalism / by I︠A︡nov, I︠U︡. K.